If you have a portal, mobile app, API or Continuous Delivery pipeline built by us, you can choose to enter into an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

An SLA is not mandatory, but recommended. With an SLA you are assured of maximum uptime of your new software. When you sign a service level agreement with HybrIT, you choose developers who fully understand your IT landscape. After all, they were involved in building your software.

When is an SLA a logical choice?

  • There is (still) insufficient knowledge about the software within your company;
  • There is no IT capacity to perform the management yourself;
  • The product is business critical and you want maximum assurance;
  • You expect a need for extra functionality in the short term and want to be able to act quickly.

"The support is provided by the developers who also built your software."

What you can expect from an SLA

For a fixed low monthly fee, you receive IT support via our service level agreement. Our helpdesk is always available as a central point of contact. We carry out corrective maintenance and monitor the uptime and speed of the software. The monitoring tool runs 24/7 and we check it daily. If we find something abnormal, we will provide solicited and unsolicited advice on preventive maintenance. At least once every six months, there is a joint consultation about the maintenance and support services.

In addition, we provide preventive, adaptive and innovative maintenance and additional support (e.g. maintenance of external links). The costs associated with this are not included in the standard low monthly rate, but will be charged separately. Additional work will never be charged on without prior permission.

Curious about a service level agreement example? Click here to download our service level agreement template.

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Curious about a service level agreement example?

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