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  • Connect your ERP, CRM and WMS software
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  • Creat new business models

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API software

What is an API link?

API is the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. API is software that enables communication between applications. An API defines the access to certain functionalities or data.

The word ‘plug’ is often used as a metaphor. In this metaphor, the linked applications are the ‘sockets’.

Content API link

API technology can be technically complex. In fact, you can make any kind of data and information available through an API. If you want to develop APIs for an extensive application landscape, you can opt for a microservice architecture. The data traffic will be made available to the customers in a reusable way. Customers can be, for example, APIs, mobile apps or online portals.

A good inventory is essential for building custom APIs. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the desired functionalities as well as the business logic. Security, performance and scalability are always guaranteed with our API solutions.

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